Pet Dog Caught in Wild Coyote Trap

Microchip and Caring People Saved this Life

The following narrative is a difficult story with a good ending and an even better lesson. A friend and longtime reader wrote this and titled it: “A story of Good vs. Negligence!”

“My neighbor visited his ranch twice on a recent weekend. It abuts the National Forest near Ruidoso.  On the first trip, he noticed a dog in the distance.  Accompanied by others 3 days later, he noticed the same dog in the same place. They walked over and saw that it was caught in a coyote trap.  They freed the poor retriever’s mangled leg.  In doing so they placed a jacket over the dog’s head to avoid being bitten by the panicked animal – an excellent idea!  The dog was then affectionately christened ‘Trapper’ and was taken directly to the local veterinarian for treatment of his broken paw and leg.  My good neighbor agreed to pay for treatment.

“Hats off to my neighbor for his consideration for the welfare of this poor animal; more than likely he saved the dog’s life as the temperature dipped into the single digits the night they rescued him.  The fact that he accepted costs of treatment should also be recognized.  He still laments not investigating what was up with the dog on his first visit– he feels he could have greatly reduced the dog’s suffering. And thanks to the veterinarian to take in the dog (her clinic was closed for the weekend).

“I feel that whoever set this trap did so in a negligent, arbitrary manner.  That person lacked the foresight to visit his trap daily in order to humanely deal with whatever was caught in it. He could have chosen a more isolated location up in the forest, less likely to attract and capture some family’s pet.  There is an apparent need for education and perhaps certification for people who choose to trap, be it sport or pleasure.

“Happy Ending:  Trapper was eventually identified via his microchip.  The owner was happy to pay all bills and Bailey (not Trapper) is now on the road to recovery, back with his real family. There I feel [only] slightly better.”