Dr. Nichol’s Podcast – Housetraining? Gross or a Successful Bonding Exercise

Housetraining can feel like such a challenge that many people just give up and mop up. You can turn this around. While your shiny new puppy learns where to find the dog bathroom you can also be teaching him that all good things come from you. This method is a canine-specific structure for helping a young dog learn the house rules. Get ready to be the benevolent and loving head honcho who controls the resources that you will be delighted to help your dog learn to earn. To make this workable I’ve broken it down into three steps. Get ready for straight-forward success.

I hope you find this information useful. You’re welcome to share this podcast with any of your dog-loving friends. If they’re considering a new puppy or if they’re already struggling with house soiling they’ll be glad for the advice.

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Thanks for listening. I’m Dr. Jeff Nichol.