ProHeart 6 Recall

Adverse Reactions Plagued ProHeart but other Good Preventatives Remain


I read that ProHeart 6 had been recalled.  My poodle was on this medication.  What can be used in its place and what is the status of ProHeart 6?


Dr. Nichol:

The every-six-month ProHeart injection seemed like an easy way of preventing heartworm infection but it appeared to cause adverse reactions in enough dogs that it was voluntarily recalled. Dogs who got the injection don’t appear to have any long term risks. ProHeart may or may not be available in the future.


We still have Heartgard and Interceptor. Both are reliable and effective monthly chewable tablets that have served our dogs safely for many years. Your poodle can be changed over to either of these right away. Ask your veterinarian for the annual blood test first. April is a great time to start.