Sadness can Bring Happiness


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Life is precious, especially those shared with joy and acceptance. As Cheryl sat on her deck to meditate, Poupon waited at the door-every day. A 10 year old, robust, lifelong family member, he followed his person everywhere. A constant presence. We know it will end but who is ever really prepared? Cheryl and Michael weren’t.

In my long career I have encountered nearly every disorder known to veterinary medicine. Like all of my colleagues I’ve accomplished a few saves. I’ve also learned some humbling lessons along the way. We are all temporary.

I sent Cheryl a sedative gel to apply to Poupon’s gums prior to the arrival of the house call veterinarian. The family conducted a personal ritual and held their cat close to say their goodbyes. It was a peaceful passing.

Cheryl recalled her feelings from the hard time that she and Michael endured 2 years ago. “We’re devastated – it’s our first adult pet loss together. I search the house for pieces of Poupon for two weeks – nail clippings, whiskers, etc. I keep his litter box because of a footprint for two weeks. Slowly, we move some of his stuff out of the house. My assistant takes some things to hold onto because she’s wise enough to know I might want them again someday (and I did). We start the painful process of grieving.”

It’s possible to get stuck in a quagmire of sadness but Cheryl and Michael have grown beyond the emotional wreckage of losing their special cat. Talking through the pain is necessary but you can’t do this with just anyone. Other committed pet parents are safe. Poupon’s people can now look back and laugh at their good boy’s antics. They’ve survived this journey so well that I know their cat is proud, wherever his little spirit -with its unconditional love and commitment – lives on. Next week: Hope: A personal guide to pet happiness.
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