Senior Dog Dropping Stools Inside

Joint Pain makes it Hard to get Outside


15 year old terrier/collie mix is losing control of anal muscles. Has difficulty holding squat position. Outside walks in straight line, dropping as she goes. Occasionally drops several “bombs” in house without meaning to. Looks sheepish. Have not scolded her.


Dr. Nichol:

Thank you for not punishing your senior dog for her bombing missions. She knows she’s breaking the rules but her tired old joints hurt so much she just can’t get outside in time.


Joint pain is common in geriatric dogs, especially those who are large breed or overweight. Fortunately, there are many helpful treatments including medications (sometimes used in combination), acupuncture, physical therapy, and nutritional supplements. Chewable Rimadyl makes a big difference for many dogs like yours. Your veterinarian can recommend the best management.