Small Skin Mass & Stinky Urine with Bugs

Potentially Deadly: Malignancy & Diabetes are Manageable if Treated Early


My cats are brother and sister; they are 14. My female cat has had a small lump near her female parts for 5 months. I am not concerned because she has maintained her weight, happiness and eats and drinks well. Is there anything I should be doing? Also my cats’ litter box has been pretty disgusting lately. I have been changing it every week but the urine smells A LOT and the litter is completely drenched and sometimes there are little tiny bugs.


Dr. Nichol:

I am concerned. The small lump on your female cat may be serious business. Skin masses in cats have an 85% rate of malignancy. These cancers can appear harmless for months before they suddenly spread and become terminal. The wait-and-see approach can kill.


No lump on any creature should be left to chance, especially on a cat. In just a few minutes your veterinarian can take a sample by fine needle aspirate for a pathologist to evaluate. Malignant tumors are like sleeping giants; they should be removed early.


I can’t diagnose the cause of that large urine output and those tiny bugs without an exam and lab profile but I suspect diabetes. Excessive urine sugar from that disease causes more urine volume. Stagnating in the litter, the sugar in old urine will lead to bacterial growth that will smell bad and attract insects.


Your excellent kitties need to see their doctor before they fall victim to benign neglect. Many cats with cancer and diabetes do fine if they get treatment in time. Act now.