Storm Phobia

Close the window blinds during storms. If possible keep your dog in an interior room with less outside sound

White, pink, or brown noise (downloadable from the Internet) can be played at the start of the earliest indicators that a storm is approaching. There is scientific evidence behind the value of these frequencies. Only trial-and-error will determine which, if any, of these will help your dog.

Through a Dog’s Ear is specially designed music that you can play when a storm is predicted. Research has supported this method.

You will be able to manage your dog effectively if you are at home throughout these days. During storms allow him to stay where he is most comfortable. Many dogs like the bathroom because the plumbing grounds the electrical charges. If your dog is trained to a Gentle Leader, leave it on; it may help him remain calm.

Finally, ask your veterinarian to prescribe Sileo for your dog. This as-needed antianxiety gel is easy to place between the lower lip and gum. It can make a big difference in reducing anxiety and fear during noisy events like storms and fireworks.