Tail Chasing

Anal Glands are a common cause of rear end discomfort. It’s usually easy to remedy.



Is it an old wife’s tale or a fact that if a dog chases its tail that it will go crazy and have to be put to sleep?  This sweet little Spitz also loves to chase her tail. I would appreciate any help in these two areas.


Dr. Nichol:

Tail chasing: Sometimes I feel like my live could be described that way. Will I go crazy and have to be put to sleep? If that happens this column won’t grace this newspaper anymore and then what page will you put on the floor of your bird cage? OK, your Spitz. Don’t worry. Take her to the doctor and have her anal glands checked. If they are full of fluid or inflamed they may be causing her rear end to itch. It is simple and quick to have her anal glands emptied in her doctor’s office. If she still chases her tail I wouldn’t worry. At least she’s getting some exercise. Lastly, stop talking that way about old wives.