The Cardinal Rules Of Dog Care

1. Make sure that your dog always has access to a place to urinate and a way of getting there easily.

2. If your dog’s behavior is a problem, don’t wait for it to be outgrown. It’ll never go away by itself.

3. Coughing everyday is trouble.

4. Dog with any tendency for respiratory or heart disease are at huge risk in homes with tobacco smoke.

5. Vomiting and/or diarrhea more than twice in one day maybe the start of something important.

6. A swelling that doesn’t resolve on its own in 2 hours needs attention.

7. “Innocent” lumps may not be.

8. Seizures will not cause a dog to swallow his or her tongue. If your dog has a
seizure don’t lose your head-one of you needs to remain conscious. Observe carefully but keep your hands away from that mouth. If the seizures go on longer than 3 minutes or occur more than three times in one-day get help fast.

9. An active fat dog may just be training you to improve the menu. Don’t fall for it.

10. Any dog who fails to eat for more than one day may be yelling, “I am sick”. Fall for that.

11. Be very careful with a canine vacuum cleaner. Dogs with this bad habit may need a full time personal surgeon.

12. Don’t hit a dog. It’s not part of their instinctive communication. They don’t get it. It will either hurt the dog’s feelings or “agitate” him/her. A frightened dog is not man’s best friend. An angry dog may be your enemy.

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