Tobacco Kills

Nicotine is a potent nerve toxin. Feeding cigarettes to any critters is deadly.


I think my dog Harvey has worms. He drags his rear end a lot. So a friend told me that I could get rid of the worms by giving him tobacco. Can I just give him pieces of cigarettes?


Dr. Nichol:

Only if he’s not a minor. (Sorry, only kidding). Please do not give tobacco to Harvey. Nicotine is a potent toxin that could kill him if given in high enough amounts. Besides that tobacco has no known effectiveness against worms.


Why does Harvey scoot? Harvey scoots not because he has worms but because he has an irritation around his anus that is most likely due to impacted anal glands. These glands areĀ  standard equipment on all dogs and cats. They have no useful function but can become overly full. When this happens the poor dog will drag his or her rear end on the floor in an attempt to relieve the discomfort. To help Harvey feel better take him to his doctor to have his anal glands emptied. If you’re concerned that he may have worms anyway, bring along a fresh stool sample for microscopic examination. If Harvey has parasites too, he can be safely treated at home with medication that his veterinarian will dispense.