Trapping-Reader Feedback

Effort Underway to Outlaw Trapping on Public Lands

A few weeks ago in this column I posted a letter telling the story of a dog who spent 3 days caught in a coyote trap. “Bailey” ended up doing fine but the trapping issue continues to smolder.  The Journal published some letters on the Op-Ed page. Here are a few of the responses from my facebook page.

“In this day and age, that we allow these mindless and cruel devices especially on our public lands is unconscionable. On the trapfree nm web page, there is a petition that welcomes your signature to help end this in New Mexico. Our neighboring states of AZ and CO have already done so. No animal should have to suffer this! Please visit”

“Well sir, I feel that traps should be illegal, for the sake of ALL animals. There is so much rhetoric that we are fed about ‘responsible’ trapping, ‘humane meat’, and so much more.”

“Project Coyote is a member of a coalition of groups, including Trap Free New Mexico. Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico is introducing a bill at the 2015 legislative session to ban traps. Would you be willing to testify in favor of this bill?”

Well, how could I say no? Testifying on behalf of animals, wild or domestic, who are overwhelmed with fear as they struggle to free themselves, while slowly dying of exposure, just seems like the right thing to do. I’ll post updates on this saga in my column. Win, lose, or draw maybe we can put a dent in this problem. The health and diversity of our planet’s ecosystem depends on it.
Dog Behavior Help
Annoying or even dangerous behaviors can start early. Stubborn problems like house soiling, biting, fighting, and destructiveness worsen if not properly managed. But a dog who plays nice, respects authority, and understands that the restroom is outside is priceless.  I’ll address unruly, freaked-out, and out-of-control behaviors in my seminar at the Canine Country Club & Feline Inn, 7327 4th St. NW from 6-9 PM Wednesday, January 14. Cost: $40. Call 277-0077 to register. Bring plenty of questions. If you feel that you’ve “tried everything” this class is for you. Non-aggressive dogs are welcome to attend.