Vaccination for Older Cats

After Age 13 Well Immunized Pets are considered Protected for Life
Our dearly loved cat is 20. She has faithfully had her shots every year. She no longer goes outside. Is it necessary to subject her to shots any longer?

Dr. Nichol:
You must take mighty good care of your special cat. Old timers (chronologically challenged may be more politically correct) like your kitty can react badly to stresses like vaccines. The good news is that well immunized cats and dogs over 13 are considered to have a lifetime protection. Your cat gets a permanent vacation from vaccinations.

The very best way to protect her health now is to have her examined every 6 months. Age related diseases can advance fast in feline seniors. Take no chances with your girl’s good health.
A special note on cats: Three year rabies vaccines contain an adjuvant, a component that increases their ability to stimulate the immune system enough for a long lasting immunity. Adjuvants, however, carry some risk of causing cancers at the vaccination site in cats. One year rabies vaccines, on the other hand, are far safer for cats of all ages. They do need to be repeated annually, but so does the physical exam.