Dr. Nichol’s Video – Dog Frightened of Men including Husband

Teach her that good things come from the man in her life

Some dogs are genetically programmed with low-status personalities. They can lose the heebie jeebies if a man ignores them as he drops a few small bits of tasty food. After he repeats this dozens of times he can reach down with a tender morsel-while completely ignoring the bunny at his feet. When she’s relaxed eating from his hand he can steal a glance at his little cupcake. Only when his new admirer confidently gazes up at him should he try slowly crouching next to her.

I hope you find this information useful. You’re welcome to share this blog with any of your pet-loving friends. If their dogs are nervous or aggressive toward men, well, they’ll be glad for the advice.

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I’m Dr. Jeff Nichol.