Walk well On-Leash & Come when Called

Dogs of any age can learn to walk well on leash and come when called. Start by setting the kid up to succeed with no distractions. I told Mick to heel, only expecting him to stay somewhere in the same county. Of course, he forged ahead. Already pretty good at coming when called (when leashed) I told him, “Mick, Come!” and backed up to remind him of what he needed to do to earn the treat, a kiss, and me telling him how good he is. He’s learning to stay closer when leashed and that the opportunity to earn great things can happen anytime.

Notice the treat bag, my bringing the snack toward my eyes as I said Mick’s name, and then luring him forward with the food. You want to show your dog the “money” to keep his eyes on the prize – which always includes praise and physical affection. Repeat hundreds of times.

Mick & his Chick

Mick and his Chick

We picked our boy Mick, in part because he has a social nature. It turns out that he’s never met a stranger. Mick visits this hen on a daily basis. Maybe she’s his chick. We shouldn’t ask; it’s really none of our business.