Warm vs. Cold Noses

Nose Temperature is Never Reliable; a Thermometer is Much Better
Is a cold nose an indicator of health in a cat (like a dog) or is it OK if a cat’s nose is warm?

Dr. Nichol:
I’ve enjoyed thousands of canine and feline noses in my years of practice but, contrary to folklore, their temperatures have no meaning whatever. Good ways to monitor your pet’s health are to watch for a change in appetite, weight, water consumption, urine, stool, and activity level. Be concerned if your pet consistently breathes fast or with difficulty, coughs, sneezes, wheezes, or develops lumps or bumps. More than one episode of vomiting or diarrhea worries us.

As long as a nose discharges nothing but an occasional drop of clear fluid it’s telling you that it’s a good nose. A rectal thermometer will tell you a lot more. But even a normal temperature (100 to 101.5 degrees) doesn’t completely rule out trouble. If in doubt see your veterinarian.