Weak Cat can Hardly Walk

All Meat Diets cause Thiamine Deficiency


Our cat had a possible stroke 3 weeks ago. Every other day we are thinking he’s getting better. The next day he’s not. He’s 11 and has never been ill before. He tries to move away from his basket to urinate! We feed him water with a syringe and he is eating soft food!


Dr. Nichol:

Strokes are uncommon in cats. When they occur they are typically caused by high blood pressure from kidney failure. Other possible causes for your kitty’s symptoms are head or spinal cord injury, brain tumor, heartworm, excessive thyroid hormone levels, thiamine deficiency (cats fed an all fish or all meat diet), nerve or muscle disorders, insecticide poisoning, and the parasite toxoplasmosis. Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency can also cause vomiting and seizures.


There may be other possibilities. Your cat is in real trouble. He needs a thorough medical workup ASAP. Even with your devoted home care he won’t get better without proper medical treatment.