Wigged-Out in the Veterinary Clinic

This poor dog is a nervous wreck, scanning back and forth, waiting for the proverbial shoe to fall. Will a homicidal (canine-icidal) maniac blast onto the scene? Will I, the benevolent veterinarian, inflict violence on her? She has no reason to fret but anxiety is not logical. It’s an unfounded worry about what might be lurking around the next corner. If this dog panics when handled she might get defensive and, in her frantic attempts to escape, she may even try to bite. Restraint would only scare her more. An as-needed antianxiety gel, called Sileo, can be administered between her lower lip and gum. In just 20 minutes a scared dog like this can relax and adapt. Don’t let your agitated dog endure this again. Ask your veterinarian for this gentle treatment. Better still, find a veterinary staff that is trained in Fear Free handling methods. Go to Fearfreepets.com.